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Explore Google's URL Inspection API quickly

Google’s URL inspection API is an API that enables you to keep track of crawling, indexing status, and errors – rich snippet and canonical tags. 

I’ve explored the API the way I know would help the most people in the field – by building a free Looker Studio dashboard template everyone can use to view their own data.

What you will get

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ā€œšŸ’„ @lazarinastoy has done it again, creating an amazingly useful Data Studio Dashboard with URL inspection API data leveraging @screamingfrog integration šŸ¤©ā€

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Your questions, answered

Do I need coding skills to use this Looker Studio Template?

No. This template does not require you to have any coding skills.

Do I need to have a subscription with Screaming Frog to recreate this template?

Not necessarily. The structure of the template sheet (that populates the Looker Studio Dashboard) uses Screaming Frog, however, you can use another method to extract the data from the Google URL inspection API into Google Sheets directly via AppScript or via BigQuery and straight into Looker Studio. This will allow you to use the same template without any other software.

What APIs or services are needed for this dashboard to work?

To recreate this dashboard you will need access to Google's URL Inspection API and Google Sheets. The demo sheet is an export of Screaming Frog SEO Spider.

What is this dashboard best used for?

This dashboard is best used for one-off reports and data analysis of Google crawl behaviour on your website and identification of technical SEO issues. Ideally, this analysis should be repeated once every 3-6 months.

Who is this dashboard for?

This dashboard is designed to help technical SEOs and web developers, that are looking to understand Google's crawling and indexing behaviour and errors on their websites.

What problems does this dashboard solves?

The Google URL Inspection Looker Studio Dashboard helps you to quickly and visually extract information about technical issues that might be obstructing your search visibility. It can also be a great, interactive way to communicate these issues with non-technical stakeholders.

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