As an organic marketing consultant, Lazarina has carved out a niche in SEO automation, sharing her extensive knowledge and innovative strategies through various platforms. This page is your gateway to exploring Lazarina’s webinar appearances, commonly discussions in topics like Machine Learning for SEOs, Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio), Search Intent, and Data Storytelling.

Additional Contributions

Beyond live presentations, Lazarina Stoy shares knowledge at conferences, and via online courses and guest posts. A regular contributor to esteemed publications like Search Engine Land and the Wix SEO Learning Hub, Lazarina explores the intricacies of SEO automation and the vital role of data science within SEO.

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Lazarina’s webinars appearances have proven valuable to both seasoned professionals, as well as SEO beginners. To stay informed about her upcoming webinars, subscribe to Lazarina’s YouTube channel, where all webinars are linked. Dive into the world of digital marketing with Lazarina as your guide, leveraging the power of data and automation to push your digital and organic marketing efforts to new heights.

SERanking podcast

Data Storytelling: Transforming Numbers into compelling narratives

Lazarina talked to the SERanking team about data storytelling, and the mistakes consultants make when approaching reporting and performance-related stakeholder discussions.

lazarina stoy ecommone podcast
eComOne Podcast

Staying Ahead of SEO Trends with Data Science and Automation

Lazarina talked to Richard Hill from the eComOne Podcast about SEO Automation and how to stay ahead of SEO trends with data science. Discussion included insights on keyword analysis and content strategy, SEO strategy, e-commerce mistakes, data science tips and tricks. 

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Start utilising Google Cloud’s publicly-available APIs to help you execute SEO

Lazarina talked to Majestic about her tip for doing SEO in 2023, which was all about how to use Google Cloud’s (and other tech giants’) Machine Learning APIs to do better SEO work

lazarina stoy - crawling mondays
Crawling Mondays

Machine Learning for SEOs

Lazarina spoke to Aleyda Solis and JC Chouinard about Machine Learning in SEO. Some of the discussed topics included: machine learning use cases for SEO, steps to get started, validating the output, and tips and tools to try.

Lazarina Stoy - the untapped powers of data science for SEO rankable podcast
Rankable podcast

Untapped superpowers of data science and SEO

In August 2022, Lazarina talked to Garrett Sussman from Rankable on their podcast about all things Data Science, sharing tips and tricks on storytelling, depending on your audience, and some pet peeves with YouTube SEO, and Data Science mistakes you should avoid.

Opinions About Machine Learning for SEO | Opinionated SEO Opinions - podcast with Lazarina Stoy
Opinionated SEO Opinions

Machine Learning in SEO

In July 2022, Lazarina talked to Tory Gray, Sam Torries, and Begum Kaya about machine learning in SEO, how to approach it all together without feeling overwhelmed, as well as when to choose to implement ML in SEO, and when a less complex system will suffice.​

SEO & Search Intent podcast with Lazarina Stoy & Oncrawl

Search Intent in SEO

In June 2022, Lazarina Stoy alongside four other amazing speakers – Lidia Infante, Johanna Maier, Myriam Jessier, and host Sophie Brannon, talked about search intent and how it evolves with the development of ranking algorithms and the SEO space.

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Machine Learning in SEO

In the webinar series Old Guard vs New Blood, Majestic explores the opinions of panelists. Lazarina participated in the discussion on Machine Learning for SEO, alongside ML Engineer Jess Peck and Product Director Susan Connelly.

rank ranger podcast with lazarina

Six Steps to Getting Started with Machine Learning as an SEO professional

As a guest of David Bain at the RankRanger’s In Search SEO Podcast, Lazarina discussed the six steps in getting started in machine learning as an SEO.

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Looker Studio for SEOs: Reporting Automation Tips, Tricks, and Templates

Lazarina goes through the benefits and limitations of Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio), tips and tricks for turning spreadsheets into cool reports, and shares some hot dashboard templates.

lazarina stoy webinar

Find opportunities for embedding machine learning into your processes

Lazarina shares her tip for SEO in 2022, and explains how to use machine learning in SEO, what to and what not to automate, what technologies to use, and other useful tips.