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Identify search intent in minutes

The Search Intent Keyword Classifier Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio) Dashboard enables a supercharged keyword research process, regardless of the tools used for keyword extraction. This dashboard works with a Google Sheet data source, and has adaptable filters that classify keywords into search intent groups based on intent-demonstrating terms.

What you will get

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“Wow, Lazarina Stoy's system for keyword research is one of the most detailed and automated that I've seen so far! 👌 🔬”
“What a useful Google Data Studio Dashboard allowing to easily segment and classify your keywords intent by @lazarinastoy 👏 check it out”
“This is an amazing dashboard + process for search intent classification. Well done @lazarinastoy 💪🏻 See all setup instructions in this thread👇🏼 #SEO.”
Your questions, answered

Do I need coding skills to use this Looker Studio Template?

No. This template does not require you to have any coding skills.

Do I need to have subscriptions to any services to recreate this template?

Not necessarily. You can recreate this template with a Google Sheet (which is a free service), but in the sheet you do need to have keywords that you want to classify. The template demo uses Semrush, however, you can use any other service for keyword extraction (like Ahrefs, or other) or a free keyword tool like Keyword planner and incorporate it in the dashboard.

I am seeing many unclassified keywords. How to fix this?

The classification uses filters for each chart. You can improve the filters by adding new keywords that signal intent, that are more specific to your dataset, or you can create custom dimensions for search intent classification. Check out my custom dimensions guide for a formula to get you started.

What is this dashboard best used for?

This dashboard can be used as part of the keyword research process, when you don't have the intent categories for your keywords available, but wish to do a quick intent check for your keywords.

Who is this dashboard for?

This dashboard is designed to help SEO consultants, SEO Analysts, SEO specialists and other professionals with in-depth knowledge of SEO that are analysing keywords for search intent.

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