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Enable interactive Core Web Vitals Reporting

Page Experience auditing and the Core Web Vitals metrics observed can make or break a website – not only for user experience but also in terms of ranking influence. 

Page Experience is a shared cause – for users, developers, and SEOs.

So, the goal of the auditing process is arguably not the audit itself, but the recommendations we, auditors, can provide, and the solutions to the problems we can generate by looking at the data. 

What you will get

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You can also accelerate your Page Experience and Core Web Vitals reporting with Data Studio. Read on!

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Your questions, answered

Do I need coding skills to use this Looker Studio Template?

No. This template does not require you to have any coding skills.

Do I need subscriptions to any paid services to recreate this dashboard?

Yes. You need to have a subscription to Screaming Frog SEO Spider, but you can research how to set up the Pagespeed insights API in Google Sheets for a page-by-page scheduled crawling via AppScript, and bypass the need for payment. This would also require you to re-configure the dashboard to work with your new data source.

What APIs or services are needed for this dashboard to work?

To recreate this dashboard you will need access to Screaming Frog (paid), Chrome UX Looker Studio Connector (free), and PageSpeed Insights (free).

What is this dashboard best used for?

This dashboard can be used for both ongoing reporting in Core Web Vitals, as well as one-off reporting.

Who is this dashboard for?

This dashboard is designed to help SEO consultants, SEO Analysts, SEO specialists and other professionals with in-depth knowledge of SEO that are improving their page experience performance score. The dashboard can also be useful for web developers that are working on client websites, trying to improve page experience performance scores and Core Web Vitals.

What problems does this dashboard solve?

With this dashboard you get a snapshot of issues of tests both lab conditions and real-user conditions. You get one location to review problematic pages, speeding up diagnostics time.

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hi, I’m Lazarina 👋🏻

I am an SEO & Data Science Consultant, and I help people succeed in SEO by sharing resources, templates, or tactics.

I'm passionate about SEO, Data Science, and making the two as accessible for beginners as possible.


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