As an advocate for the power of SEO, data science, and automation within digital marketing, Lazarina has had the privilege of collaborating with some of the industry’s most respected publications. This page serves as a gateway to the knowledge and strategies Lazarina has shared on other platforms, aiming to empower marketing professionals, business owners, and enthusiasts with cutting-edge tactics and timeless advice.

See also Lazarina’s courses, contributed for Traffic Think Tank (now owned by Semrush), as well as her Webinar and Podcast appearances.

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Lazarina Stoy’s Contributions for Wix SEO Learning Hub

Explore Lazarina’s library of contributions for the Wix SEO Learning hub, where she shares guides to improving your organic positioning and visibility.

In this guide, I’ll walk you through the nuances of content duplication, show you how to identify duplication on your website (and other properties on the web), and share some fixes you can implement to resolve any content overlap.

In this guide, I’ll help you understand the different types of cannibalization that can occur on your site, the various issues they can cause, and how to identify them. I’ll also share strategies for diagnosing, fixing, and preventing cannibalization issues altogether.

In this guide, I’ll discuss three broad, effective strategies for implementing on-page SEO, what the strategies aim to achieve, and the specific tactics you can use to implement them for your SMB.

In this guide, we’ll discuss what you need to know to begin creating compelling CTAs that benefit both the business and its strategic growth objectives, as well as the visitors of your site.


Lazarina Stoy’s Contributions for Moz

Lazarina contributed to Moz’s Whiteboard Wednesday series, with an entry on data storytelling.

Join Lazarina in this Whiteboard Friday where she discusses the critical skills and elements involved in data storytelling. Learn about data analysis, and data visualization, as well as how to communicate wins and balance relationships with stakeholders.


Lazarina Stoy’s Contributions for Search Engine Land

Lazarina contributes to Search Engine Land, on topics like use of Machine Learning in SEO, and technology trends for better organic visibility.

This article compares the performance of GPT-4 and Google Cloud’s machine learning APIs on common SEO tasks where automation can be implemented, including semantic analysis, classification, translation, and image understanding.

This article explores how these factors collide by examining Google’s use of search engine results page (SERP) list-based features to further their monetary gains while going against their own content guidelines and advice. By the end, you will see how list-based SERP features directly copy programmatic SEO practices, which Google’s own spokespeople have long labeled as spam.


Lazarina Stoy’s Contributions for Oncrawl

Lazarina’s contributions for Oncrawl cover primarily technical SEO and SEO strategy topics.

The five phases presented in this article are the five phases of compiler design – which is a subset of software engineering, concerned with programming machines that convert a high-level language to a low-level language.

The resource will offer insight on organising a website’s architecture in a way that considers users and the intent, with which they are visiting the site. This approach also provides more context for crawlers to better understand your site, too. A win-win situation for everyone involved, really.


Lazarina Stoy’s Contributions for SE Ranking

Explore Lazarina’s contributions for SE Ranking’s blog, centered around data visualization and Looker Studio dashboards.

In this article, we’ll explore the power of data storytelling and discover how to make your SEO data more engaging, persuasive, and actionable. We’ll also provide practical tips and techniques for becoming a master storyteller at each stage of the process.

Learn about 8 Looker Studio dashboard templates and how to construct them to build similar interactive dashboards.

Configure the SEO Agency Manager Looker Studio Dashboard step-by-step.