Lazarina Stoy (formally known as Lazarina Stoyanova) is an Organic Marketing Consultant, specialising in SEO & Data Science. Lazarina is also the Founder of MLforSEOa machine learning training platform for organic search marketers. She’s also an Educator and Speaker in the digital marketing niche.

Character-wise, Lazarina is a progress-driven data and automation geek. She is always seeking opportunities for improving the efficiency of processes. Lazarina has a passion for spotting improvement opportunities in everything she does, making her a strong proponent of automation and machine learning in SEO processes.

Work Experience

After graduating from the University of Strathclyde, where she studied to combine her greatest professional passions – marketing and technology, Lazarina’s career always revolved around SEO strategy, data, and process automation in SEO.

While agency-side, Lazarina has worked with countless teams in B2B, SaaS, and big tech to improve their organic positioning. Since starting her SEO journey, Lazarina has managed the technical SEO and content strategy for several teams within AWS, as well as consulted on SEO and Data Analytics solutions for enterprise-level brands, amongst which Compass Real Estate, Skims, Skyscanner, Extreme Networks, Neo4j, Chemical Guys, Perkbox.

As a Senior Manager in SEO and Data Science, Lazarina has:

  • Led the SEO strategy and implementation for a portfolio of organizations within different niches, part of AWS
  • Consulted on SEO (strategy and implementation; technical and content), data visualization and analytics, and data science solutions for countless enterprise-level organizations
  • Led projects, implementing machine learning for task automation in several digital marketing areas, including entity analysis, internal linking, sentiment analysis, automated content transformation, and social comments data analysis
  • Led a team of full-time and freelance SEO analysts and consultants, technical SEO writers, and data analysts
  • Led initiatives in process enhancement, process automation, and overall improvement of agency deliverables, helping boost not only the quality of the SEO & Data services but also the agencies’ revenue and profitability as a result

As an independent consultant, Lazarina:

  • conducts corporate trainings on topics like SEO automation, Machine Learning in SEO, and Looker Studio Data Visualization and best practices
  • advises agencies, small businesses, and SaaS companies on organic strategy (SEO strategy, omni-channel content strategy, data utilization and automation)
  • consults on process automation and enhancement of agency deliverables
  • creates courses and training solutions
  • manages a personal website portfolio, which is comprised of websites in several niches, amongst which lifestyle, pets, and wellbeing.

Additional professional initiatives

An advocate of marketing automation, Lazarina creates helpful resources for fellow SEOs to kick off their data science journey. Lazarina is an Organic Marketing and Technology Industry Speaker, having taken the stage at world-renowned conferences in digital marketing, on topics that align with her professional mission – to make marketers’ lives easier via automation and tools everyone (regardless of their tech background) can apply in their practice.

Lazarina loves connecting the dots between theory and practice, finding patterns, and discussing data science in a way accessible for beginners. She tells stories about marketing and technology that educate, inspire, and start conversations. She has contributed to a number of well-known publications, such as Search Engine LandOncrawl, Moz, SE Ranking, and Wix SEO Learning Hub, as well as appeared on dozens of SEO, marketing, and technology podcasts and webinars.

Lazarina donates her time by doing professional mentorship sessions on GrowthMentor, where she helps entrepreneurs and small business owners get their footing and establish their organic marketing channels.

Lazarina recently started a community for Women in Marketing in Bulgaria with the aim of creating a space to showcase the talent of and connect with female marketers in Bulgaria, and to empower the next generation of marketers.

Lazarina is also a guest lecturer at the University of Strathclyde, where she teaches a class once per year as part of the Digital Transformation program, part of a Digital Marketing MSc.

Lazarina is also a Women Techmakers Ambassador, a program by Google.

Conference Speaking Experience & Upcoming appearances


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Women in Tech SEO Festival 2022 The Chamberlins Modern London Wedding Photography228
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